Why New Housing Types Matter

A Video of a Study by Professor Louise Grabtree provides clear evidence of the personal, social and community benefits of collaborative housing types. You will be well informed by Louise work which is highlighted in this video and a report released only a few weeks ago. The Value of Housing Co-operatives in Australia report launch on Vimeo This type of housing will be the focus of the HOW Movements My Home Your Home Our Homes Project.

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‘The Value of Housing Co-operatives’ a report and its launch from Louise Crabtree.

Louise is delighted to let us know that the launch can now be watched online at https://vimeo.com/937545999?share=copy

Also a reminder that the project’s final report can be accessed through https://doi.org/10.26183/0xpp-g320 and the technical report can be downloaded via https://doi.org/10.26183/xpgj-cs89.

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