Affordable housing options

Regrettably it is the dire lack of affordable housing options for those on low to moderate incomes which means so many older women are homeless or in severe housing stress (paying more than 50% of their income in housing costs). We are advocating for more choice but in the meantime, these are options we are aware of:

House sharing

Some women are choosing co-living as a way to live more affordably. Typically this means each resident has their own bedroom with either ensuite or shared bathroom. The kitchen and other facilities are generally shared.

  • Better Together Housing facilitates shared living for women over 55. You can register to either share your home OR find someone to share a home with. The service currently operates in the Sunshine Coast and Mackay regions in Queensland. 


Typically cohousing is created and run by the residents collaboratively to create better lives. Each household has a private, self-contained space with access to shared community spaces and facilities.

Sharing with Friends is progressing its Cohousing model for older women in its pilot project in Darra, Brisbane Southside, and has plans for more cohousing developments in other locations.

Other affordable housing options

WIN Housing Projects is progressing its modular homes model to create friendly communities of women over 55 years in affordable one, two, and three bedroom homes.