Why we are homeless

Legacy issues impacting women

Through analysis, we have recognised that our experience results directly from the legacy of gender inequality including:

  • Gender pay inequity resulting in lower Super balances for women at retirement
  • Child support not being mandatory until 1988
  • Superannuation not being mandatory until 1992
  • Many women worked in feminised industries with lower pay rates
  • Many women took career breaks to raise children and look after ageing relatives
  • Many women received inequitable property settlements on divorce
  • Older Women are unable to access loans for house purchase.

Housing system issues impacting everyone on low to middle incomes

  • No rights approach to housing in Australia.
  • Reduced investment in public and social housing over last 30 years resulting in totally inadequate supply.
  • No recognition of the need to provide affordable housing for those excluded from public and social housing and the private ownership and rental markets.
  • Ending of National Rental Affordability Scheme.
  • No increase in Commonwealth Rent Assistance for over 20yrs.
  • Home ownership and investment homes are seen as a means of wealth generation; incentives such as negative gearing and other policies favour landlords over renters.
  • Huge increase in Airbnb and properties being used for short-term rental over recent years.
  • Inadequate protection for renters e.g.,
    • only short-term leases offered
    • landlords not required to maintain liveable standards
    • no minimum standards for energy efficiency
    • excessive and frequent rent increases