Our Core Group Advocates

Leanne Wrench

Leanne has been married nearly 48 years, 3 children, 3 grandchildren.

She has worked in CBA bank; Telebet operator; ran own women’s clothing business; Founder and Director of OSH centre; Teacher Aide; School Secretary; Office Manager for husband’s business. Leanne helped care for elderly parents for many years.

Current – Founding Member of HOWM; Member of OWN Qld; Volunteer Peer Support at HOWSS Built

1st home 1979; 2nd home was built in 1995; forced sale 2019; currently in 5th year renting in the private rental market. This is an expensive option requiring ongoing work well into retirement age to maintain.

Tracy Adams

Tracy joined HOWM in mid-2022. “Despair and rage over the state of the housing system, my own lived experiences of homelessness and extreme housing stress, and a deep longing for my own home led me to join HOWM.”

Tracy wanted and needed to be doing something meaningful and useful to make a systemic difference to the situation—for now and for the long term. Undergraduate and postgrad degrees in Environmental Science, ecology and land-use planning, climate change mitigation & adaptation.

Tracy has been involved with Landcare, bush regeneration, organic farming, permaculture, deep ecology, participatory land-use planning, ecological research, environmental education.

Tracy has worked in the not-for-profit sector. Working in state and federal government. Nonviolent social change processes and methods. Being a nonviolent social change activist. Nonviolent Communication. Project management. Working in remote areas.

Sharon Redmond

Sharon joined the HOW Movement in January 2023 after working for a housing support program as she wanted to contribute to social change by working with a movement rather than for a corporation. Sharon comes from a community development background and the HOW movement appealed to her because it truly is citizen-led. Sharon completed a Master of Social Work degree at the end of 2024 and she enjoyed her final placement with HOW where she learnt a great deal about the history, the goals and the participatory community development principles in action.

Sharon is particularly concerned for not only the current older generations of women in housing distress, but also for those generations who will be facing this crisis in the coming years. For Sharon, working with the HOW movement isn’t just about now, it’s about changing the status quo for all women, now and into the future. It’s a disgrace our society is unable to house the very people who have carried and cared for our communities most of their lives. This needs to change now!

Lynette Loffell

Lynette is a founding member of HOW M. With the wisdom and expertise of being a founding member of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood in New Zealand Lynette brings considerable knowledge and experience to the Movement about homefullness!! Lynette also have love of reading and offers a broad range of skills gained through her varied roles in the workforce, volunteer activities and in her family life. These gifts include a passion for community, our environment; writing and editing, a strong sense of justice and deep sense of connection to others who share a vision for a more just and communified good neighbourhoods planet.

Maggie Shambrook

Maggie is a founding member of the HOW Movement), is deeply committed to addressing issues rooted in societal structures. She believes in the possibility of positive change at all levels and values citizens’ perspectives on injustice and effective solutions. Maggie connects with others (individuals and organisations) to create solutions that tackle inequality, meet needs and aspirations, and foster community engagement. This approach of walking alongside requires a commitment to self-reflection and learning. With over 40 years of experience as a community worker, she holds post-graduate qualifications in social ecology and planning, which informs her community development practice.

Di Hill

Di was a founding member of HOW M. Di was a pioneer in advocacy. With the loss of her home due to actions behind her control Di spent and extended period living in a van. Di appeared on SBS Insight and participated with aspects of the media and research highlighting the plight of many older women who were attempting to live without a home of their own.

Di has worked as a teacher, nurse in addition to range of other roles over her life. She is currently the President of Older Womens Network (OWN) in Brisbane.

Linda Hahn

Linda is a founding member of HOW M and has made valuable contributions to our internal processes and to developing external relationships.

Previously a homeowner in the UK and Australia, a deterioration in her health was followed by unemployment and marriage breakdown which led her to experience homelessness for three years during which she moved 18 times.

Linda has shared her story in multiple forums at federal, state, and local levels, to raise awareness that homelessness can happen to anyone, and that safe, secure housing, which is affordable to everyone regardless of their financial situation, is vital for our individual and collective wellbeing.