Proposed solutions

So that Older Women have choice from a range of affordable housing options, we advocate for:


  • Dramatic increase in supply of Public and Social Housing designed for ageing in place.
  • Tiny house “villages” as transitional accommodation for people experiencing homelessness where wrap-around services provide support into long term solutions.
  • Long-term tenure of affordable, small, self-contained units, with access to outdoor space and with room for guests and hobbies if required. This can be provided as ‘Gentle Density Housing’ in the form of Duplexes, Triplexes, Courtyard apartments, Villas, Townhouses, and Multiplexes in our cities, suburbs and regions.
  • Mixed Tenure options enabling people with different financial capacities to live alongside each other (e.g. renters, owner occupiers and part-equity owners)
  • Cohousing developments where people who share a housing vision can create their own housing solution with private self-contained spaces, and some shared facilities. These can create connected, supportive neighbourhoods which benefit all, and address the isolation experienced by many people who live alone. Further information at Cohousing Australia and Collaborative Housing Australia. The first example of a Cohousing development for Older Women in Queensland is the Sharing with Friends model.

Policy and legislative reform

  • Address gender inequity
  • Legislate housing as a human right
  • Increase Commonwealth Rent Assistance
  • Improved regulation of Private Rental Sector
  • Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning for larger housing developments to include a percentage of public, social and community housing

New financial options

  • Shared Equity Loan Schemes
  • Alternative forms of housing development finance to enable smaller Not-for-profit, and For-purpose developers to provide affordable housing in perpetuity (Examples of developers who are connected to the HOW Movement are Sharing with Friends, and WIN Housing Projects)