Housing Services, Advice and Support

If you’re an older woman in Queensland who needs help to find affordable housing the Housing Older Women Support Service (HOWSS) can assist you.

Give them a call on 1800 366 877 or drop in to their hub at 31 Thomas St. West End, Brisbane.

HOWSS was set up in October 2022 in response to our advocacy for a housing support service for older women in Queensland. It is funded by the Queensland Government and run by Footprints Community.

Their website has information on:

  • public housing [1]
  • community housing [2]
  • retirement housing
  • private housing options
  • Rent Connect

If you need help to make an application for public or social housing or any other housing related information, please contact the staff at HOWSS.

If your application to go on the Housing Register has been approved, it is important to ensure your contact details are updated and any change in your circumstances which increase your housing need are provided to the Department.

It’s also important to ensure your application remains active on the Register.

The easiest way to do this is to check with your nearest Housing Service Centre (HSC).

Click here for HSC contact details

[1] Public housing is long-term housing managed by the Queensland Government. It is for eligible people who are in the highest need of housing assistance and who cannot access any other forms of housing. Public housing is a type of social housing.

[2] Community housing is housing assistance delivered by non-government organisations, local governments and community organisations (Community Housing Providers). It is for eligible people in need of housing assistance, who cannot access other forms of housing. Community housing is a type of social housing.