Homelessness Week in Canberra – “Ageing in a housing crisis” Report Launch

Housing for the Aged Action Group have put together this YouTube video https://youtu.be/N24MOpYD2xU covering the launch of the report “Ageing in a Housing Crisis” which took place in Parliament House on Thu 10 Aug 2023.

You can access the full report, a summary and an infographic here.

Key data from Report which compares ABS Data from 2011 to 2021

1. Over 55s in population risen from 25.6% to 29.1%

2. Older people owing own home decreased from 61.8% to 58%

3. Older people living with a mortgage increased from 19.1% to 22.8%

4. Older people living in social housing decreased from 4.6% to 3.8%

5. Older people in private rental increased from 8.3% to 10.6%

6. Total number of older renters increased from 403, 873 to 699561, i.e. increased by 73% – more than double the rate of increase in this age group in the population (which rose by just 34%)

The Australian retirement system is built on the expectation that older people will own a home at the time of retirement, yet the proportion of older people who live in homes that are owned outright is declining.

Australia’s private rental sector does not provide security, affordability or accessibility for older low-income households. For renting in retirement to be as secure as home ownership it requires proper regulation and legislative reform.

7. Only 30% of those in lowest income quintile, and 44% of those in second income quintile, are paying affordable rent – this leaves 270,000 older people homeless, marginally housed, or renting a home they cannot afford.

It’s well worth watching in full but if you want to navigate to specific sections, here is a timeline:

0’ 0” – Opening by Fiona York, CEO of Housing for the Aged Action Group

3’ 0” – Introduction to lived experience speakers

4’ 10” – Linda Hahn – Housing Older Women Movement, QLD

11’ 10”- Michelle Cook – Lived Experience Advocacy Group, NSW

18’ 16” – Professor Wendy Stone – Swinburne University, Research team

27’ 05” – Senator David Pocock – Independent, ACT.

28’ 40” – Associate Professor Emma Power, Western Sydney University, Research Team

33’ 39” – Report Recommendations

37’ 05” – Acknowledgments

38’ 10”- Questions from the floor